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BCT Pittsburgh/Maryland is a direct-to-plate facility. With this technology the best results will be achieved when we utilize digital art files.

Order Options

Orders can be sent to us via this website by clicking logging in and clicking "Place Online Order"  If you're approved dealer and need access to our site, please contact us.

Acceptable File Formats 

PDF, EPS, or TIF (600 DPI). It MAY be possible for us to accept other formats (additional charges may apply).

General Tips

Page Size

Compose orders in a 1-up template using the actual size of the finished product.  i.e. Business cards - 3.5 x 2", letterheads 8.5 x 11".  Only one copy of Electrionic Art is needed for each item being ordered. Include 1/8" bleed if applicable.


Resolution of artwork will depend on the type of printing you are doing. Artwork that will be printed Thermography will need to be 600 DPI or higher for the best quality. To achieve the best quality for full color, artwork needs to be 300 DPI or higher.  Keep in mind the higher your DPI the better your results.


Be sure to convert all text to outlines or curves before saving your file. If fonts are not embedded or converted to outlines, your file may not output as expected because of font substitution. PDF's must be saved as press optimized or press quality.

Color Separations

When a file for Thermography printing is 2 or more colors, you must use SPOT colors. If your file originates as a raster (Photoshop) image use 100% Process colors.  Example:  Card is Black & Red. Use 100% Black for Black and 100% Magenta for Red. Or TIFF FILES can be sent separately for each color. If this is done each file must be colored 100% Black. Files placed for full color must be sent as one piece not separated.


Anytime the ink extends to the cut edge of the printed product it is considered a bleed and applicable charges will apply. For artwork that bleeds, the bleed area must extend 1/16" - 1/8" beyond the cutting edge of the item. (i.e. a digital file for a business card with a bleed would be 2 1/8" X 3 5/8") 

Bleeds must be 1/16" - 1/8" beyond the edge of card.


For process color work, please save your file as CMYK, not RGB. If we receive a file in RGB mode, we contact the customer for a new file or if requested to convert the file, a fee may apply and the order may be delayed. Acceptable file formats for full color orders are .pdf, .eps and .tif at 300 DPI or higher. 

Naming Files

When naming files please refrain from naming files black.pdf, businesscard.pdf, etc. Please include the Job Name in the file name. Example JoesCarRepair.pdf



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