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BCT Pittsburgh/Maryland offers quick turn around time for raised print products through a process called Thermography. Thermography is similar to embossing in result but not process. It's cheaper and easier to produce than traditional embossing. Adding a powder to the ink being printed on a paper’s surface creates the effect of Raised Print. The printed piece is then passed under heat and literally cooked together. When heated, the ink and powder blend giving a raised effect.

Raised print is typically used on finer paper as opposed to the flat stock utilized for commercial printing. For companies who have established their branding with designated logos and PMS colors, raised print provides spot colors to match your logo exactly when a full color process may not be able to.

Below is a listing of the raised printing products we offer:

Business Cards 

Raised print business cards are a critical networking tool for any professional. BCT Pittsburgh/Maryland offers the most professional spot color business cards at a competitve price with turn time second to none.

We have 125 different stocks to choose from, and will also print on stocks provided by our clients.  BCT's ultimate goal is to provide high quality business cards  that will create the professional look that your clients are looking for.


BCT offers matching letterhead to all of our business card stocks to coordinate with professional envelopes and full scale corporate identity packages. Our raised printing services may be completed by one of  three types of processes on a variety of stocks or anything that a client supplies. Raised print letterheads are produced with your choice of processing whether it be a  Flat Letterhead, Raised Print, Thermographic laser safe that will protect your letterhead from being altered by copiers or scanners.


Print Thermographed envelopes with BCT in a variety of sizes and substrates to complete direct mail packages, stationary, and corporate identity packages. Our services allow you to order and reorder matching envelopes for all mail correspondence from letterheads and stamps to note cards and greeting cards. BCT also has the ability to provide custom printed envelopes to enhance your marketing and branding by displaying professional detail.


Announcements are invitations for personal or corporate functions such as weddings and celebrations, grand opening ceremonies and  conferences. BCT Pittsburgh/Maryland is a one stop source for all of your special engagement announcements for your clients in several stocks.



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